Shades of Ireland

Friday, February 10, 2012

Icey Blast on the Way

Cold, windy and overcast today--- and that is the GOOD news! LOL! Going to be bitterly cold tonight with lows down to about 9 degrees.

As soon as Seth gets in from helping the neighbor hay all of his cows ( several hundred cows over a wide territory) we are going to have to get at least 3 bales out to our gang.

My bottle babies are all doing well but I am going to have to find a heat lamp for them.

I have put Adam to filling the wood pile inside the garage. It has rained a little over the last few days but it should dry out enough in the garage to get us through this cold snap/ Weather reports are calling for a little snow by Sunday or Monday.

Salena is heading home this afternoon and we are all looking forward to seeing her.

Off to work!