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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dirty Work

Yesterday was a beautiful day but today has been even better. We hauled calves to the sale barn on Tuesday and did very well. Seth bought himself a bred heifer. She looked pretty rugged yesterday but this morning she was much improved. I think she spent the entire evening with her head  stuck in the hay bale and gained about 50 pouinds over night!

Today, we are doing pasture work. Adam and I have been spreading some fescue seed in bare spots and cutting down the young hedge and cedar trees that are trying their best to invade and take over the pasture. Seth has rigged up a drag behind the old farm truck, Ruby. He had driven over most of the old horse pasture to spread out the big piles of manure. This will help spread the fertilizer and not kill out the existing grass.

We are just taking a break for lunch but I am already getting sore from turning the spreader and working the lopping shears. I spent most of the morning on my knees pinching off the little trees. Since the ground is still wet, I have managed to get very muddy. This afternoon, Seth is going to get the chain back on the chain saw and I am hoping the clearing goes a little faster with out so much effort.

I think we are begining to seriously shop for a small tractor. A bush hog will go a long way toward helping us keep things neat and growing.

Break is about over......

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