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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Storm Damage

It was quite a night on this farm. Power went out just before midnight and it didn't get repaired until just before 9:00am. The wind was more than strong-- it was fierce! Some places got hail but I never saw any here.

In hindsight, I am awfully glad that the horses did not go into their stalls last night.

These walls are just barely standing and the roof is completely gone. Luckily, it didn't go too far......

It is directly behind the barn-- or what's left--- of the barn. It fell right smack dab on top of the dividing fence. The horses could get in with the milk cows but they just haven't figured out how to cross all the debris. This afternoon, the boys and I will be on clean up duty.

Since the power was out at milking time, Adam and I tried out our new generator.

What we discovered is that it is a noisy little thing that vibrates terribly. Adam had to hold on to it to keep it from jiggling right out the door. It was a real strain for it to pull the milking machine but we did manage to get Noelle milked out before it overheated. Noelle is a novice milker and does not like change to her routine. She prefers to be milked by machine and does not stand well to be hand milked. Holly, on the other hand, doesn't give a fig how you milk her as long as she gets to eat while you are doing it.

About the time we got all the chores done, the power came back on......isn't that always the way??

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