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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunday Scenes

Last Sunday, we took a little trip north...... not for pleasure but it was fun. The two "little boys" and a friend needed to go to a qualifier match to try to earn a chance to compete at the State 4-H Shooting Sports Match. The boys had fiddled around and almost missed all their opportunities. They hold several qualifier matches all over the state and this one was the absolute last one for this year.

So..... we drove almost three hours north for Adam to try to qualify in Recurve Archery and Seth was attempting to double qualify in Muzzle loader and Recurve Archery. The best part of this was that the matches were in the same county but in different places about 15 miles apart. Neil dropped me and Adam off at archery and took the other two on to the muzzle loader range. As soon as they were done, the headed back to the archery course.

This was one of those tough life lessons for both me and Adam. He had to do this on his own. No big brother on the line to back him up and Mama had to stay way behind the yellow tape...... waaaaaay behind the yellow tape. He was terribly nervous and then had a little accident after the practice round. Another competitor was too close when he was pulling his arrows out of the target and he hit her. He was horrified, embarrassed and worried about being in trouble. By the time I got word about it all, he was near tears. He had to pull himself together and go on with the match. So did the slightly injured young lady.

My baby boy grew up just a little more last Sunday. He had to pay attention, follow directions and perservere....... and he did. He qualified easily. Seth qualified in both events. Looks like we will be heading to Topeka for the state match in early October.

While I was sitting behind that vile yellow tape, I met some really nice folks. As always, I had no trouble starting up conversation with my neighbors. I was delighted to meet another homeschooling family. It is always so good meet and enjoy the company of other like minded people. Their daughters also qualified so I am looking forward to visiting with them again.

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