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Friday, September 21, 2012

Half Way!

Neil just called me from the dark pasture to let me know that we have a calf! YAY!!! This cow is called Dumpling. We knew it was time yesterday afternoon because she began acting so strangely. She is normally a very timid, docile old girl but yesterday morning, she was very aggressive with Prissy, the Rat Terrier. As the day went on, her mothering instincts went into over drive. Mercy had a sweet little bull calf a few days ago and Dumpling tried her best to steal him away from his mama. Mercy was not happy about it but tolerated the frantic Auntie to a point. The poor calf knew who his mama was but could not understand why this other cow was trying to boss him around, too. She has her own to take care of now. Neil could not tell if it was a bull or a heifer since it was on the move with Dumpling in the dark. That is the important part-- up and moving with mama. When we checked her last night, we saw coyotes moving across the pasture....

We are still waiting for Freckles and Ramona to have their calves at any moment now. Then in late October, 901 should bless us. Three arrivals and waiting for three more.....After that, it will be about 10-12 weeks before the next batch appears.

I have company coming today..... hopefully she will not turn around and run when she sees the condition of my house..... Rachel has been warned but somehow I don't think that she will be prepared for the carnage..... I am busy and housework is ALWAYS going tobe my least favorite thing to do!

One more cup of coffe before I run the dishwasher and head over to see what kind of romance is going on in the goat barn!

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