Shades of Ireland

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another bull! We were suspicious that Freckles was having a hard time but she was not in distress. Sure enough, by morning, she had a red calf with a whilte face..... and he was born breech. He is still very wobbly on his feet but he is up and walking stiffly. We have seen him nurse several times so we are not as worried about him any more.

Ramona is next! She is big as a barrell and sick of us checking on her.

The camera that I am having to use has a broken screen. I just sort of guess at what I am aiming at for a picture. Thank goodness for the computer editing options because things are always off center.

This is what I took yesterday:

Last set of meat bird chicks growing in the brooder in the back yard.

Catherine and Elizabeth

                                                             Romeo Ram

                                         The hens begging to be let out..... it worked!