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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Plotting and Planning

It is officially fall on our farm no matter what the calendar says ----- the goats are coming in heat and the bucks are definitely in rut! It started yesterday. I have AI-ed two Saanens and naturally bred three others.

I have spend a considerable amount of time at this web site over the last few years :

The man who developed it did it just for slightly insane goat ladies like me. I have even gone so far as to send him a thank you email...... and he responded! I would hate to know how much paper and ink I have wasted printing of planned pedigrees.

My new herd sire is named Nodaway Nuance Oh Pioneer. You can look him up if you like! I used him for the first time tonight on a doe that I have not registered yet...... I am a bit behind on my paperwork.

The buck that I leased last year is still here. His name is something like Fredrick's Adonis Windwalker...... maybe it is Wind Walker Adonis..... I probably need to look that up. I plan to use him on one more doe. I have been trying to get him back to his home in southern Oklahoma since last January but it just hasn't worked out yet. Luckily his owner is not planning on using him and is in no hurry to have one more big, stinky buck on their farm.

Then, we have Amos...... you will remember him from earlier this year. The bottle baby Boer buck that we kept as part of payment for raising that pen of meat goat crosses. He is barely tall enough for my dairy does but he has managed to get the job done. This is the start of our Saanen cross meat goat herd.

On top of those magnificent three, I have TWO liquid nitrogen filled semen tanks. I will admit that we do keep bulls  in there, too, but mostly they have lots of different bucks all waiting patiently in their canes for me to pick them...... This year, I have chosen to use Rock Point Alfred P Doolittle for my three best Saanens, Brynnstone Ranger for my new Alpine doe and Sweet Dreams Rad Rex for my best Alpine doe.

It has begun and I have a plan...... Now I have to remember to write it all down!!

Maybe someday I will get my camera back from my daughter and I can show you pictures....... hint, hint.....

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