Shades of Ireland

Friday, September 14, 2012

Grief and Peace

It is over cast and rainy today. Cool and damp. Just what we needed in this part of the world and just the right thing for me on this sad day. This morning, when I went out to check cows, we found my beloved Holly dead. My hubby had taken the day off and Charlie had decided to ride out with us--- since it was raining, we took the truck. So I was not alone when I made this horrific discovery. We will never know exactly how she died but it looks as if she just laid down to sleep and never got up. No sign of a struggle or sickness. Since she died before calving, I am grieving for what we might have had with her heifer, too. Now the only thing that I have of her are pictures and my memories.

I take great comfort in knowing that we made each other very happy.....


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