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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Morning Anticipation

It is a cool foggy morning and the sun is just rising so everything has a kind of pink glow. I am not naturally a morning person so it is a bit of a struggle for me to get going. It is particularly nice when hubby --- who has already left for work----has made coffee. I can sit here and take a quick look at the things on line, drink my coffee and make some kind of quick plan for my day.

As soon as I regretfully finish off that cup, I have to get myself dressed and head for the barn. 
To get over there, I have to cross the pond dam ( watch for snakes) and go through the goat lot. Since I have moved the bucks into their barn, I can smell them long before I see or hear then. I am watching for the girls to come into heat. I am really excited about some of the planned breeding that I have for this year but...... the girls are taking their time about coming in.

The second chore after checking goats is heading out into the cow pasture to take a look at my "ladies in waiting". Three of these girls are expecting calves at any moment now. The two that had calving difficulty last year, had no problems this year and safely delivered bull calves. I know that cows can have their calves at any time of the day but it seems that around here, our girls give birth right at dawn. So after the sun is at least peaking over the horizon, I try to head that way. The girls that are left to calve are all experienced Mamas and I will give them plenty of room but it is important to give help if it is needed. This is our job.

So I am off with great anticipation to see if there is romance in the goat barn and new babies in the pasture!

Afternoon update: No calves
                            Two does in heat!

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