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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sorting thru stuff

During our big move last spring, we didn't have time to sort through things and organize. I had started packing in the house about the time when we made the final decsion that we were definitely moving and started looking at properties. Most of the really important stuff was handled pretty well.
We had lived there for almost 11 years. It was a wonderful place to live and I had settled in to stay. I didn't take this change well because not only did I love the farm, I loved the nearby little town and had made some very close friends. The bottom line was that with the job change for Neil, the new manager had to live there. He was moving up and it was time for us to own our farm. We had always said that we would get our own place someday. Someday had arrived whether we were ready or not.

We owned LOTS of STUFF. Since I refused to part with very much of it---we still do! I had been preparing for "someday when we have our place" the entire time that we had been in Kansas as well as all of the farm and personal things we brought with us from Georgia. When it all came together and we finally closed on this place, it happened so suddenly after such a looonnnngggg waiting period that it caught us by surprise. Moving over here became a total mad rush. Finally, we just began stacking things in the garage and the barn. On top of our tremendous loads of treasure, the former owner left us lots of his "treasures",too.

It has been a slow go at getting it all sorted and I am not anywhere near done. Yesterday, I took a big bite out of it though. At the old farm, things from the barn, shop, milkroom and parlor were just thrown willy-nilly into boxes, baskets, tubs and bags and hauled over here and dumped out. I have come to the conclusion that in actuality, I am a wealthy woman.  If I ever get it all  organized so that I can find it when I need it, I will need very little! I can not imagine anything else we could possibly need or want to raise livestock -- other than some more major fencing supplies. The only othe major investment we really need is a tractor with a mower and front end loader. I have found all kinds of things that I had forgotten that I owned---- sometimes two of them because apparently I couldn't find it when I needed it and went out and bought another one......

I plan to work on the barn more today but I must work at a much more relaxed pace. After my cleaning frenzy yesterday, I am so sore that I can hardly move....... Even so, I am much encouraged that when this is all done, we are equiped to make this farm work. It is going to take alot more elbow grease and sore muscles but in the end, it is all going to work out.

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