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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How it all worked out....

I thought that I might need to add a bit to that previous slightly depressing blog entry.

Seth made it home just fine and very early. Because of the weather, there were only a few over 300 head of cattle at the sale. By 3:00pm, he was headed home with a WONDERFUL check for our calves. They sold well.
Charlie fed the lambs their afternoon snack so I could take a nap. Salena brought home chocolate chip cookies.

It is still snowing and isn't expected to stop until midnight. Neil got the new kerosene heater going and it is warming up the milk/soap room. We rigged up heat lamps for the youngest lambs in the barn and bedded down all the outside lambs. Horses are hayed, Holly is milked and the calf is fed.

Neil and I will go back over later this evening to check on the new heater and feed the lambs one last time.

I think that I am going to make it. Prissy is saving me a spot by the fire.

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