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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Some Moments.... are too precious to lose.

I only have one daughter--- even though she is twenty, I still call her my Girl-Baby. She is a college girl and working as much as she can so she can afford to go off to a university. She is not home much and doesn't participate in the outside chores nearly as much as she used to. Today, the snow blocked her in and she came out to give me hand with the second round of chores. Seth got smacked around by a big calf at the stockyards yesterday and is moving kind of slow.

Our main jobs were getting the horses fed and watered. Since she has two good hands, I was happy just to drive Ruby and supervise.

Then we moved on to the tending the cattle. They still had plenty of hay but water is another necessity.

Guess what they are all looking at????  Me~!

I don't usually use post hole diggers to chop ice but someone had swiped the ax out of the back of Ruby. At this point, I was just looking for a thin spot in the creek.

Doesn't look like much does it?? I kept making the hole bigger and Salena kept shoveling the ice hunks out until we got a pretty decent hole.

Eventually, it was big enough and Salena called her favorite milk cow, Wilma, over for a drink.

Pretty soon they all figured it out and came over,too. This looks pretty easy but you need to remember that we had to drive an old 4-wheel truck like mad women to get in the pasture. Then we had to slog through 2 foot drifts and whack through the ice. It has warmed up to 10 degrees and the dang wind is bone chilling.

We were breathing hard and feeling like we had accomplished quite a feat....... as I stood uphill taking this shot of the cattle, my Girl-Baby let out a big sigh and said, " I couldn't imagine living any other way. Could you, Mom?"

I swung around to take this picture----- so I could keep this moment forever. Sometimes I wonder if I have done the right thing, made the right decisons, chosen the right direction...... I would not trade anything for moments like these.......
Thank you, Lord.

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