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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Plodding along

I can't believe that it is already Saturday...... my days just fly by!
I haven't posted for a few days because besides being busy, I managed to give myself a big gash on my right hand. I debated on going in to ER and since Neil absolutely refused to stitch me up himself, I finally just gave in and went. It took 10 stitches and a tetnus shot to get me patchd back up. The cut is right in the fleshy part of my hand between my thumb and forefinger........ you know---- right where you need to hold a teat while you milking a cow!

Here is a picture. I am hoping this doesn't gross anybody out...... It is not really that bad but if you are squeemish--- stop now! It is not swollen--- I just have fat hands to go with the rest of me....

The boys have all jumped in to help me keep things going. As long as I put a bandage and rubber glove on it, I am able to do most things. Heavy stuff hurts but Seth is my muscle man and does most of it for me.

Putting out hay in this deep snow has been quite an adventure. Seth got his driver's liscence in the mail yesterday. I  have been calling him Seth Andretti because of his snow driving abilities in the pasture. We have slipped, slid and slung snow everywhere and even been stuck a few times! In the pasture, it is all fun but the highways have been dangerous. We have stayed pretty close to home. Neil and the two oldest have gone in to work and school and have made it safely so far.

Our only real excitement has been Rosie.

This is the deep pond right out the back door..... with her standing on the ice in the middle of it. We are hoping that she has sense enough to not try this as it warms up.

Today, Adam and Seth had a big 4-H Club Day event in town. Salena took them since I had lamb chores to finish. I decided to take a break and come warm up a bit before trying to wash up all the "milk pots". It is very nice to sit here typing in a silent house enjoying a cup of coffee. I can hear the trains on the tracks about a mile away. They seem to be coming one right after another and must be trying to make up for not traveling during the blizzard.

It is a beautiful day and just what I needed to encourage me to keep plodding along. There is only so much adversity of weather that I can take! I don't mind the cold and the snow as long as I have some inkling that it WILL END someday. Warming up into the balmy 30's today and tomorrow but plunging back down toward zero for Monday and Tuesday. Gives me just enough time to thaw out a few things, air out and clean the lamb barns, haul upmore firewood and get ready for another round!

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