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Friday, February 18, 2011

Glorious Friday!

This weather is sooooo wonderful! We have the sliding glass door open and some of the windows. I got upearly and jogged a bit ( not quite a mile) and started on chores.

I start the chores here. It takes 4 1/2 of these buckets of milk to get all the lambs satisfied. Then I go back 2 hours later and make sure that there is milk in their feeders. That usually takes 3 buckets. I am guessing that is 25 gallons of milk gone before lunch. In all. we are topping over 50 gallons of milk a day.

Seth and I did some pasture work this morning. He used the chainsaw to work on clearing out some scrub trees and cedars that are encrouching on the pasture. I took the old hose reel and used it to wind up about a mile of electric fence that we are not using anymore.

We use Ruby, the old red Ford, for this kind of farm work. As I said before, the doors will not open from the inside. Sometimes, we have to pretend we are NASCAR drivers and go out through the window. Seth finally had enough of all that and made up his mind to take the door panels off and see what was in there. I figured that they couldn't get any more broken so I gave him my blessing. A couple of hours later with some baling wire and electrical tape, the doors open from the inside. Seth gave us all a stern lecture about being gentle with the doors.... no snatching the handles!

I am still bottle feeding the premature goat kid.

With a little help getting up, she was able to stand for a while and even take a few steps. She is still weak and wobbly but I have high hopes that she is going to be alright in the end. Her mother, on the other hand, is still my least favorite goat on the planet and will soon be relocating to someone elses' farm...... I was hoping that she would improve with age but she is still just a nut. Life is too short to put up with crazy goats.

As I went up to check the mailbox, I caught all of these guys napping.

This is a new paddock for them. I deliberately left all stock off of it so that it would still have "standing hay". It has been empty since September and it is not nearly as muddy as the other paddocks. This bunch is thoroughly enjoying it. I stored our supply of round bales in here near the gate. Seth and I had to rig up a small corral around the 6 remaining bales to keep the horses from tearing them all up. They have one in a bale feeder but it is so much more fun to tear up the open ones and make big comfy beds.......

Apparently my daughter is having freinds out for another bonfire tomorrow night. That means I need to spend some time on housework....... yuck! As I have often said...... I would rather skin a live cat than do housework!

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