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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Snow and Chores

Just thought that I would share a few pictures from my morning.

Dang horses still are just using the shed for a wind break  It was a brisk wind, indeed, this morning. 18mph bringing the wind chill down to -15.

These little sweeties stowed away in the heated garage and I don't blame them. I put that little cup of water up there for them. These are Adam's 4-H Bantams and they are very tame. When I opened the back door, they were on this shelf right at eye level. They were so happy to see me and just clucked and "sang" to me.

These guys were grateful for the heat lamp and breakfast. The milk is cool so they huddle up like this after they eat. When I re-bed  the pens later in the day,they will jump and frolick and harass me terribly.

This is the new kerosene heater in the barn kitchen/milk room/ soap shop. It is truely amazing how big of a difference it makes in warming things up. Even so...... I am still a bit afraid of blowing us all to kingdom come...

This is the big Aussie pup, Hugh. He is hoping for a spill.......

As I posted on my facebook page----- Holly would like to know how far it is to California......

We have several projects planned for the day. Still need to break ice for the cows and probably for the horses, too. We got a bit of a surprize this morning. A doe that I have in quaranteen looks like she may be having her kids soon. We will be fixing a place in the garden shed as a maternity ward.
Salena just informed me that more Bantams hens have squeezed into the garage door..... maybe we should just turn the garage into an Ark.......

Never a dull moment! Warmer weather is coming ---- I can just feel it.

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