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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sweet Morning!

I got busy pretty early this morning in the kitchen. Of course, I had a little cider for breakfast.

By lunch time, I had gotten this much done. The lighter colored jars are just canned cider. The darker rows in the front are apple jelly. I made them in assorted sizes because I am sure that Sis will want to take some with her when she heads back to school.

Now I am taking a break and trying to decide what to do now. I have a doctor appointment late this afternoon and I am just not sure I am ready to jump on the next canning projects....

                              Future apple pie filling. The white bucket behind the basket is also full.

Some friends were kind enough bring us back a box of peaches from Colorado..... they are sooo beautiful! Planning on canning some of them and also making jam. If I get back from the doctor in time, I just might whip up a peach cobbler for dessert tonight.

This will be my second trip to see my doctor in the last two days. Yesterday was just my regular blood pressure and general check up. That went fine but when I showed her a funny growth on my ear, she scheduled me to come back in tonight to have it removed. All those years of wearing my hair in a pony tail!!

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