Shades of Ireland

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frugal Fun!

Nothing like a good sale to change a girls' whole outlook!! Did I find a bargain on shoes, jewelry or clothes??? Of course not!!!

Adam and I just happened to stop in at our local Dollar General Store and found that they had marked most of their garden stuff down for clearance. We had a field day---- literally!

Adam has since sorted these seed packets and informs me that he has 30 Russian Mammoth Sunflowers. He doesn't think that is enough and is scouring the house and vehicles for change to go back and buy more.
Each of these ended up costing us a whopping 3 cents each. For that price we can put them in zip lock bags and store them in the refrigerator until next year. Some of these are appropriate for the fall garden so it looks like I will be planting one.  

The most expensive item in this pile are the mini green house starter flats. They cost us forty-five cents each..... Everything else was fifteen cents or less.

The lady at the check out just laughed and laughed at us because we were so giddy with our savings!

On the way home, I stopped at the edge of a big corn field just off of the highway from our place. When the farmer combined that field, he had a slight miscalculation and unloaded several bushels of shelled corn on to the ground instead of the grain truck. I had loaded up a few empty buckets in the back of the truck before we went to town. When I stopped, I told Adam to hop out and start loading up the corn. He was horrified!! We were going to get out in front of EVERYBODY driving down the highway and steal corn!!???!! He was almost shocked speechless when I calmly told him to get busy....... He was unhappy about the whole business and complained loudly the whole time about how WRONG this was....I was just taking this frugal business TOO FAR!  He was not disrespectful to me but he was terribly distressed with me. Finally, I just couldn't take it any more. I had already talked with the farmer and he was more than happy for us to clean up the spill to feed to our chickens. We loaded up our buckets and there is still several more buckets full left on the ground...... maybe on our next trip to town.

As a Mama, it was very nice to know that he has been listening to all those lectures I have given about being honest.


  1. Remember the command to leave "gleanings" in the field for others to use! ;)

  2. But seriously, what a great deal!! Glad that ya'll were at the right place at the right time. I usually show up right after someone like you has been through the markdowns. lol

  3. I was so happy that I called Neil to tell him about my score. He started to say, "Make sure you get anything that you think you will want or need later...... Oh what am I saying! Of course you bought it all!!"

  4. HA! I JUST not a half hour ago came from Dollar General with a bag full of seeds! I kick myself for not just buying up the entire display stand (maybe I'll go back after supper)!