Shades of Ireland

Monday, August 6, 2012

Afternoon Escapees....

It all started because I felt the need to brag a bit..... Seth was splitting kindling this morning to make some "women wood" for me and he had a little accident. Nothing serious and a band-aid fixed it. I posted about it on face book and a friend commented about how hard it was to get her grandsons to add to the wood pile. We jokingly call Seth our "American Logger" because he really likes this chore. I told her that I would post a picture of his pile for this year--- so far.

So I wandered out with the camera.....

Please note that this is a double stack about 75 feet long........ anyway back to my story.

I went out the back door of the house--- this will be important later.

I ambled across the pond dam to go to the barn since I had the camera. I might get some good pictures.

This should have been my first clue that all was not well but..... I was oblivious. The new babies were hanging out by themselves in a spare shed. Alone.

I gave the bucks a drink of water and began to think that things were very quiet over here at the barn..... and still. Then it dawned on me ---- NO GOATS.

I walk down to the pasture gate and it is still open from letting Holly in for milking this morning. I walked out into the woods and saw a few goats---- not nearly enough of them!

I begin to get slightly alarmed! If they were out, they could be on the road, walking down the highway headed for town, pillaging the neighbor's crops.........

I had left the truck at the barn during morning chores so I hopped in and headed for the entry gates. I was planning to head down the road to check the highway when I realized that I had left my phone at the house. So I headed to the house to let the boys know the problem.

As I came in the driveway, this is what I found :

The renegade hussies were all hanging out in my front yard, cooling it under the shade tree!!

The interesting part about all this is that as soon as I got out of the truck and began to quiz them about how long they had been there, they all began to stroll around the corner of the house and head back toward the woodpile.... They all knew right where the gate was and led me there....

They were all talking to me and skipping and hopping around as if they had played a really good joke on me.

                         A few of them straggled behind but they all filed right through the gate.

And seemed happy to be back at their home.

                                    And I ended up right back where I started --- at the wood pile.


  1. Oh MY! I have a heart attack when our FOUR goats get out, I can't imagine finding THAT many goats "missing"! Glad they came back in easily.

  2. I always imagined that they would get out and hang out on the back deck sipping from the hot tub......nibbling on the strawberries.

  3. They look rather like a bunch of 13 year old girls waiting to be picked up from school in front of your house. Too funny! Glad there was a happy ending, though.