Shades of Ireland

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have had about all the canning that I can stand for a few days. We have plenty of apple jelly, peach jam and apple pie filling. Even a few quarts of apple cider that probably won't last very long unless I hide it at the back of the pantry.

I was hanging out clothes this morning when Neil and Seth pointed out a visitor......

This doe was just across the pond getting a drink and browsing around. She didn't seem very concerned about us at all--- until I got the camera. I managed to zoom in and get this one as she slipped back into the woods.

It was wonderfully cool this morning and I turned off the AC and just never turned it back on while I was working in the kitchen. It warmed up to about 93 degrees but after nearly a month of over a hundred, this feels wonderful and give me a hint that fall IS on the way. Still no rain...... I have been catching as much of the grey water from my canning and washing dishes to use to water the fruit trees and berries.

I have time to plant a fall garden but I am very wary about doing it..... there is absolutely no moisture in the ground to germinate seeds and I am not set up to do extensive irrigation....... decisions, decisions......

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  1. I finally gave in and planted some peas, beets and some more squash. Hopefully we'll all get some much-needed moisture before long. Glad you're filling your pantry up with delicious homegrown sweetness!