Shades of Ireland

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Glorious RAIN!!!!

Yesterday, the weather tormented us all day..... clouds, wind, dampness in the air but only about three actual drops of rain fell.

Today was much different. It started out with just sprinkles and light rain for most of the morning. After lunch, we only had about 4/10ths in the gauge. By 6:30pm, it was raining in earnest! So far we have an inch and a half!! Still raining lightly, lots of green on the radar and it is still supposed to rain tomorrow.

While it was cloudy and overcast yesterday, I started lettuce, spinach, and carrots in the raised beds in the garden......

The camera is dried out and apparently completely fried. Here is one last picture from that memory card.

Earlier this week, Seth worked on the flowing spring in the edge of the woods near the pond. We were afraid that the cows were going to completely ruin it. They love to hang out under this big tree and wallow in the black mud. We found this big old fashioned bath tub on the farm and decided to recycle it as a holding tank. The water flows in through the holes where the faucets are supposed to be and flows over the bottom edge. We fenced it out of the pasture with cattle panels. Seth hauled in these large stones to make a more solid platform around it. We still have more work to do. More rock around it and a better trench for the over flow water out in to the pond. Then we want to rig some kind of a pump so that we can fill up a stock tank nearby for the cattle when it is dry.

Hopefully, if it keeps raining, we won't have to pump for a while......


  1. The spring and holding tank project is super cool. Forgive this city girl's ignorance, but how would the cows ruin it? Would they essentially trample the spring shut?

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  3. I cannot figure out how to correct a typo in the comment section with out deleting the whole dang thing...... Any way--- the answer is yes, the cows would ruin it because the walk all over it and wallow in it like big HOGS! The "spring head" is a very delicate ground opening and if it is dug up too much or stomped on, it will force the water stream back under ground. It will eventually come back up again somewhere but that could be nearby or miles away.