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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little More Hope.....

Saturday night it rained a little more! We ended up with only 3/10th of an inch but somehow things just don't seem so "crisp" right now. On top of that, we had much cooler temperatures yesterday--- only got up to the mid 90's!! We woke up this morning to a cool 65 degrees! I opened a few windows......

Planning on gathering up the cattle this evening and sorting of the calves. It is a bit early to wean some of them but it is the best management practice to protect the cows and the grass. Heifers will stay in the lot and go on full hay while the steers head in to the sale barn in the morning. We have a cull cow that is going to have to ride along, too.

It is still supposed to be hot over the next week or so but not the scorching 100+ degrees days. I am very grateful that there seems to be a break in the heat and just a hint that fall is on the way.  

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  1. Glad you got some much-needed rain! We got two, count 'em, TWO rainstorms in a week! Not much, but like you said, enough to make things seem not so "crunchy".

    Sorry to hear about your fruit trees. I ALMOST bought six new fruit trees (they were on SALE!!) at the end of spring, but never got the truck into tow for it. I guess we're lucky I didn't as I suspect they would have died like yours did in the heat.

    Hope you get a decent amount on your steers/cull!