Shades of Ireland

Thursday, March 3, 2011


I almost did it again! Somehow I contracted a terrible computer worm and it totally locked down my computer. I can't even play solitaire on the darn thing...... I am using the kids laptop when I can sneak on the few times a day that they are not using it. I have spent a great deal of time trying to log on to post here. Seems I decided to use something different as my password ..... the computer automatically remembered it but..... I didn't.  It took a while and some tense moments... and I just had to quit and try again before I finally got the right combo. No pictures for a while. This laptop requires a cord to download them and, of course, we have no idea where the cord has dissappeared to.

Anyway, life on the farm has gone right along even tho I missed a few days of posting here and facebook.
The grass is slowly greening up and the time between putting out haybales has gotten longer. I have had 4 more sets of goat kids born...... so far I have a grand total of 7 buck kids and 3 doe kids.

There are only 14 lambs left and I am planning on weighing them tomorrow. Hoping that most of them make the 25 lbs. mark but I am betting that most are heavier.

I've gotten my raised beds platted out on graph paper and could not resist buying a few asparagus crowns. Some of the broccoli and cabbage seeds have sprouted. I put both flats out on the benches onthe deck to get a little sun. Not a good idea..... Hugh, Salena's pup destroyed the whole batch of tomatos. I salvaged everything else. I brought my grow light over and I am trying to rig up a safe place to put them all.

This morning, most of the chickens made the move across to the barn. We dragged the portable pens with the truck across the pond dam. It was a pretty wild ride and I managed to tear off the solar panel for the lights by getting it hung on the clothes line in the back yard. I thought for sure that the girls would be too traumatized to lay any eggs but I was wrong. Before we left, one proudly announced to the whole world that she had made a major accomplishment. I didn't believe her until I checked the nest and found a nice, new brown egg. Seth said that we must have scared it out of her!
There are still a few renegade hens and the Bantams roaming loose at the house. We will catch them all up -- again-- when they go to roost tonight. Luckily, we won't have to go too far since they roost on the front porch rail!
When they are all penned up, I can start working on the garden in earnest. Right now, the only thing that has saved most of the strawberries is a long piece of chicken wire that I managed to stretch over the bed to protect them. The rest of the bed looks like someting has been mining in it. I am going to smooth it all back out and plant lettuce.  


  1. Loved reading your posts. Also really like the intro pic of the horses

  2. Thank you!
    Our "remuda" is down to just six horses now. Since it is warrming up, the kids have begun to ride once or twice a week. We are hoping to do alot of trail riding this summer and my daughter plans to compete in some of the local fun rodeos.