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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Break????

I got married over spring break in 1985. Yesterday was our 26th wedding anniversary. We spent it finishing up the new Chicken Castle/pen.
I think that it is funny how most people associate spring break as a kind of vacation. At our house, it is the opportunity to get some extra work done. Since we have always homeschooled, spring break didn't mean much of anything until the older two started college. It was just a few days when we could venture into town  during the day with out getting the usual question of " Why aren't you in school?".

On top of finishing the chicken pen, we had several births. A Saanen doe had a buck and doe kid. My best Alpine doe, Blaire, had a set of doe twins!! This was an AI mating and these little girls are just stunning. I stayed up waaaaay too late last night pouring over pedigrees and planning their future........

And finally...... Wilma calved with a healthy bull calf. We are still working on getting the cow milking stantions set up in the barn. Hoping to get them anchored to the concrete today ---- not a moment too soon!

Dreary cool morning after a gloriously warm but windy day yesterday. Neil has taken the rest of the week off. Forecast is for rain so we are heading into town to get a little feed, look for some grass seed for  bare spot in one pasture and then we have to come home and buckle down and do the TAXES!!  UGH!!

Tonight we are going to celebrate our anniversary a day late and go out to dinner at--- where else--- the Stockyard Resturant. We didn't go last night because theyare only open on Thur, Fri, & Sat nights..... small town life!

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