Shades of Ireland

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Be careful what you wish for! Some one brought me a miniature horse to train to a buggy.
I think his registered name is something about Little Man. We think that he is pretty pompous and just call him "Sparky".

I have not actually measured him yet but as you can see, he is pretty short. I am not even certain that he is staying.  He is still a stallion. I am afraid to put him in with the other horses because they just might stomp his brains out....... I introduced them thru the fence.

I was a pretty noisy event. The big horses just couldn't seem to believe their eyes and couldn't take his threats very serious.

It didn't help matters that the mares seem to be coming into season...... It has been a noisy weekend with this little guy squealing and trying to sweet talk those big girls into coming over to his place.......

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