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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Traffic Ticket

Life would be much easier for me if I would just stay on the farm! I had to make a quick trip into town to pay a bill. On the way home, I passed a KHP that had someone pulled over. They were parked just round a curve and surprised me. I moved over ----- slightly. I should have moved over more--- much more.

Next thing I know, another State Trooper is crossing the median and pulled me over as I was getting off at my exit. He very politely informed me that I was being cited for "Failure to Yield". I am now going to be $288 poorer!

I thought that I might be in much deeper trouble because I was driving Charlie's little red car. When I turned off the car, I automatically placed the keys on the dashboard. This young officer very quickly wanted to know what I was doing with a universal handcuff key on my keychain....... I had to stutter around and explain that this was my son's car and he was a corrections officer.

He took my license and went back to his car. About that time, I realized that I had not given him that little yellow piece of paper indicating that I had changed address...... too late---- no way was I getting out of the car. Charlie has drilled it in to me to STAY IN THE CAR when dealing with law enforcement unless they tell me otherwise.

Meanwhile the trooper, that I passed who called for back up to pull me over, arrived on the scene. I could see much discussion going on thru their windows and gathered that the guy who actually stopped me, wanted to give me a warning. The other trooper wasn't having any of that.

My next heart stopper came when I realized that the insurance card in this car was expired........ Have Mercy..... just kill me now........ I could just imagine how mortified Charlie was going to be when he had to book his own mother in at the jail........

By the time he came back to the car, I had gotten a grip, stopped trembling and prepared to meet my fate. He was visibly relieved when I waved the change of address thing toward him. I couldn't speak, I just waited for the ax to fall. He handed me the ticket and said that he was sorry but the other officer had requested that I get a ticket. Have a nice day......... and make sure to get that new insurance card in the the vehicle--- today!

This is the first ticket that I have ever recieved....... I had once been pulled over for an expired tag that turned out to be an office mess up.  Another time because my trailer lights were not working properly and he helped me get them plugged in right....... I am now a criminal.........

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  1. What a day you had! Well, I wish the first cop just insisted on giving you a warning. It’s just the first time you got pulled over, yes? Anyway, receiving a ticket doesn’t mean that you’re already a criminal, since you took responsibility for it. The worst thing a driver could do is ignore the reprimand and run away, as that will only make matters worse.

    Norma Richards @ Just Bail Bonds