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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letting Old Dreams Go......

I have decided that there are definitely seasons in your life. They are not distinctly divided from each other but just seem to blend and smoothly change.
I have lived a full rich life and intend to keep right on for many more years. I have been blessed to have actually accomplished alot of what I set out to do...... sometimes I just get a wild idea and often have followed it and had amazing outcomes.

One of my dreams, years ago, was to use work horses. I even went so far as to own a few. Haflingers were my choice. I had harness and even a forecart type buggy. Unfortunately, I never really ever got around to really using and working them. I spent a great deal of that time period having children and tending to them. Also, my goats and garden were a major passion and we were fencing and setting up a new farm--- our first one. One by one, I parted with the horses and, frankly, I just lost heart when my beautiful Cashmere stepped off into a hole and broke her leg. She was by far the most beautiful Ohio bred, Amish trained Haflinger that I have ever seen. Strong and sweet....... it nearly killed me to have to have her put down.

I kept the forecart and harness. The buggy was stored in a shed but it has not weathered well. The harness has hung in the tack room and when we moved here, I thought that I really ought to find someone else who would use it...... it probably would just rot in the barn before I ever got around to even think about using it again. I tried giving it away but no one would come and get it.

Funny how things work out.........

The milk that we fed to the lambs came from the Amish. The lamb guy went over almost daily and picked it up. During that time, he became friends with a young man named Henry. Henry even works with him for a few days a week now. One day, Henry came with him to bring me a batch of milk for our lambs. I was immediately drawn to this cheerful young Amish man with his incredibly curly beard and ready smile. Turns out, Henry was getting married.

I asked him if he might be interested in my harness. Seems Amish men have to have a buggy set up before they can get married----complete with a baby seat. It is pretty much an arranged marriage and my children have been totally horrified at how this whole business is carried out. Anyway, Henry's eyes lit up but he played it very cool and tried not to act too interested. A few days later, the lamb guy told me some more of the details and my sympathy was sufficiently stirred up that I just gave him the harness to give to Henry as a wedding present.

I kept Cashmere's work collar. It was almost brand new and it was a precious memory for me. I still had a set of nylon work harness, and a set of nylon light driving harness. If we ever get a wild hair and decide to train any of our pampered horses to drive, we can. Henry can only use leather because of Amish standards. I tried to justify keeping that new leather collar hanging unused on the barn wall....... dust and dirt dobber nests covering it......

I am not sure why, but life for a young Amish couple in this particular order is very hard and strict...... I am sure that they have their reasons for this----- but I don't have to like it. I have always admired my Amish and Mennonite freinds. This is a very different kettle of fish...... I am sure that there is more to the story than I am getting sympathy is still with Henry and his new bride.

I sent the collar to Henry. I am too old, tired and busy to be messing around with driving/working horses. That season in my life is over. I might like a pony and cart--- someday....... 

Meanwhile, I like to think that I have struck a blow for independence for this young couple....... I have always really been a rebel at heart!

I am supposed to be on the look out for a horse............ LOL!!!

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