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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Drowning in Milk!

This morning, we milked Holly and 5 does. I have at least 8 or 9 does fresh but since I have left their kids on them, they do not always need to be milked. I pull all the "baby mama's" up in to the catch pen and feed them..... Actually, we put out the feed and try to avoid being trampled by the incoming horde!!
 While they all have their heads down in the feed trough, Seth and I walk down behind them and decide who needs to be milked and move them inside to the holding pen. I have 2 milking stands set up in the barn and the girls get to eat in the holding pen while waiting their turn on the stand. 

As soon as the goats are done, it is Holly's turn. Because of all the new goat babies, she now lives across the driveway from the barn. Gentle as she is, the kids are always underfoot and we have already had one accident that nearly gave me a heart attack. We open the big barn door and the gate to the holding pen. Seth walks across and opens her gate and gets out of the way----- she is a cow on a mission and comes in at a trot. She just stands in the holding pen--- chowing down--- while we milk her.

So far, we have not wasted much milk. We have 3 kids on the lambar, a bottle calf, two neighbors that want mik , a goat milk customer, dogs, cats, and our own household milk. Yesterday, I made a the first batch of goat cheese for the year. 

This morning, we hit critical mass. I have milk sitting out on the counter with no place and no container to go in...... still in the milk bucket. It is decision time..... freeze it, buy another calf, serious cheese production????

The interesting thing is...... Wilma, the BIG shorthorn is due to calve on the 24th........ also have at least 5 more does due around then, too.....

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