Shades of Ireland

Monday, March 14, 2011

Snow flurries!

It seems much colder than it really is.... Just above freezing but after the warmer weather, it just feels bitterly cold with the dampness from the misty showers/ snow flurries.
Seth has gotten a pretty good fire going in the fireplace to take out the chill.

I ended up not getting any cookies last night because I live in a house full of cookie hogs...... both bags were empty and in the trash can. I did end up getting a couple hours of much needed sleep. When I woke up and stood on the scales this morning, I didn't mind so much about the cookies.

This time change is just killing me..... It is so hard to adjust. We got all of the chores done this morning but we are really dragging at getting the rest of our day organised and things accomplished. I guess that this is just going to have to be a lazy slow day with just the basics handled. As much as I hate to do it, I have office work, bills and the ever present household chaos to do. Tax day IS coming no matter how much I pretend that it is not. The clean laundry is piled high on the couch waiting for a folding fairy to wander by......

Any Griffith Show is coming on right now....... I am trying to think of a way to count that as school........ LOL!!!

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