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Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday, Monday.....

It rained a bit over night. It was so gentle that even with the widow open, I never heard a thing. Rain guage had only 3/10 in it but even that little bit has sure perked up everything. The sad thing is that we are still incredibly dry. See the pond at the top of the page with the horses wading out into it? These days, it is bone dry. I have been walking out into it and picking up rocks. It is so dry that I plan to use those rocks to fill in the washed out gap in the big pond dam. Unless we get a sudden monsoon season, reapairing the dam will be our main winter project.
I had to take Neil into work this morning and it was so nice to splash through a few puddles. When I got back, Charlie had been home from work long enough to shower and was ready to take me out to breakfast. On the mornings that he doesn't have to go into work that night, we like to go into Neodesha to the Green Lantern for coffe and an omelet. It works out to be about once a week. Charlie calls this his "debriefing time".  He gets to tell me all the news that isn't "classified" and just generally vent. I get to tell him what is going on at the farm, give him a list of chores and things that I want him to handle, and catch him up on family business. It is our time. I find that I like having an adult son that picks up the check.

Seth has been playing lumber jack over the weekend. My mother's heart is getting used to the idea of my baby boy weilding a chainsaw. The EMT side of me just cringes when he drives off-- alone--- on the 4-wheeler. I admit that if I hear the saw stop for a long time, I manage to find an excuse to head off in that direction to check on him. I tell him that I came to help him haul wood back but I know that he sees right through that. If I so much as pick up the chain saw, he has a fit.

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