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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sleep deprived

I had another one of my insomniac nights. Charlie didn't have to work so he was up all night, too. He worked on cleaning up the kitchen and laundry--- bless him! A little after midnight, we got the wild idea to go to Walmart--- so we did. It is a 25 mile drive and a thick fog had rolled in. He got a few things and I got a few things and by the time we got back home, I was ready to sleep.

As a result, this morning was HARD on me. I had to take the Chevy truck in to my mechanic to have the heater core replaced. They wanted it by 8:00 am. Hahaha! I had to check on the 902 heifer who turned out to be very obliging. She was standing in front of the old pole barn with her brand new heifer calf. I was dreading having to walk out into the thick fog with little visiblity to look for a new calf..... good way to surprise the new mama and get yourself stomped. I did manage to get the truck in by 8:30 and they only gave me a little grief for being late. I just told them I had to wait to find the calf and didn't mention the part about oversleeping.....

I've been very good about trying to wean myself off of my Diet Pepsi addiction. I am afraid that I am going to fall off the wagon today and indulge...... I probably need to just take a nap and get ready for this afternoon.
A storm knocked down some trees earlier this year and Seth has been working his way through them cutting firewood.  When Charlie gets up this afternoon, they both plan to tackle 2 huge pecan trees that are down across the creek. Since the creek is still dry and we expect rain tonight or tomorrow, seems like a good time to get it done. Adam and I are the pack mule pair. They cut it and we haul it to the truck. We have been taking it to the house to split but I think they may do that before we load it. Try to keep some of the mess out of the yard. Right now, we have an impressive amount of wood stacked up drying for winter. We are considering buying one of those outside wood burning furnaces. So far, the price is a bit steep for our tight budget.

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