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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Week of Variety

You just never know what a week will bring,do you?

My Mom flew in to Tulsa from south Georgia late last week. We haven't seen her in over a year and it was time for a visit.
We got in late on Thursday night and up early on Friday morning to make a trip to Topeka. It wasn't planned this way but as it turned out, we went up to a funeral. My aunt, my father's sister, had died. It is really bittersweet to say goodby to someone and at the same time, get a chance to visit with family that we rarely see.
Salena was home for the weekend and Seth celebrated his 18th birthday on Saturday. Sunday we weaned calves and were serenaded all night by both bawling calves and their mamas. Also that afternoon, we attended a 4-H cook out.
Monday, we made a mad dash to Caney to have a couple of those cats we adopted spayed and neutered. While they were in surgery, we zipped to Independence to do my payday shopping and errands. Home to get a few things done and then off to Elk Falls for a planning meeting for their big weekend. Nov. 18th and 19th is the annual Elk Falls Outhouse Tour and Craft Fair. I organize the craft fair and set up a booth to sell our soap and lotion there.
Tuesday morning, Neil and I left Mom in charge and headed to Ozark Beach, Mo. Neil was attending a hog meeting there and I got to go along. We stayed at a resort called Tan-Tar-A. It was old but beautiful. We got to eat a wonderful supper aboard a yacht out on Lake of the Ozarks. It was good but I had been battling car sickness on those hills all the way there. I was a bit queasy the whole time we were on the lake!! I enjoyed my quiet time there but was glad when we headed home.

Today, we worked on cleaning house, making laundry soap, stacking firewood and generally getting ready for this weekend. Salena is coming back home and bringing a couple of friends. The kids all intend to team up at a fundraiser skeet shoot on Saturday. I'll be hauling my Mom back to Tulsa to catch her flight home. I am sure she will be ready to get back! We have kept the road hot and she has been a real trooper.

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