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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Carpentry makes me cuss.......

I am a pretty fair hand when it come to building things. But sometimes, I just don't know when to quit.

As you have all probably guessed, my kitchen is a working kitchen. Or I should say, it NEEDS to be a working kitchen. I lived in alot of places with all kinds of kitchens and I must say that I like this one the best. This is a doublewide mobile home so...... how do I put this..... it was not built or designed for a homesteading, farm wife. It is VERY pretty. Lovely open lay out with plenty of cabinets and counterspace for most housewives...... but you know me..... I have to push it! I have begun to sprawl over into what is supposed to be the dining area. It is seperated from the kitchen with a bar. I am sure that it was meant as a place for people to sit at and converse with the cook or eat a quick breakfast or snack on. I quickly hung a huge red potrack (that the kids gave me for my birthday) right over the center of that. When I hung my pots and frying pans up there, it pretty much did away with the eating space.  The rest of the cabinets are full and over flowing.
I just didn'thave enough room to put all my food processors, grinders, cheese pots, blenders, cake decorating, etc, etc..... On top of that, I need someplace for my jars. Lots and lots of mason jars......

So, I designed and area for a larger pantry and a desk top workspace with storage under it for big stuff..... think pressure canner type stuff. I am sure the space on that wall is designed for a china cabinet...... now it is built in storage. I was so pleased with how it turned out and all I need to do to finish it up is to paint.

I should have just quit there for the day........ but noooooooo!

I also had plans for that dividing bar. I decided that on the dining room side, I could extend it a whole 14 inches,with a cabinet fitting just up under the lip of the counter top. I could make it high enough for 3 shelves and store all kinds of jars in there. It would be wide enough that I could use the top as a buffet to serve big meals or slide stools up there for extra seating. I am not going to put doors on the front but I am going to put curtains and make it look very country.

After the first building project went so well, I jumped right on this one. Unfortunately, I did not guage how tired I was. I got all involved and realized that I was going to be one 2x4 short. I had already walked all over this farm checking cows and doing chores, made a trip into the grocery store and hardware store plus doing the work center carpentry project. So having to go over to the barn to scrounge for a board really got my temper stirred up. By the time I found a piece that would work ( if I put it on the back so it couldn't be seen) and got back to the house, the cordless drill battery was dead. Luckily, we had a second one charging--- somewhere. Now, I am tired and getting mad. There were a hundred other little things that popped up before I finally dragged the frame of the cabinet into the house to place it for fit. There it sits. I think that it would be best for my health, sanity and the safety of my male children for me to let it sit there until Monday.

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