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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Glorious Fall....

The season is definitely changing. The mornings are just right-- not too cool but with just the right amount of "bite" in the air to need more than shorts for morning chores. I hate to complain ---- but if we had a little rain, it would be perfect! I have been enjoying my cup of coffee on the deck before rousting the boys out of bed. The dragon flies are having an end of season heyday and the fish are really jumping. Think that I may have to ease out in the canoe later today with a fishing pole......

I dug those sweet potatoes up and they are as big a footballs. I left them out yesterday to cure them a bit and plan to move them to the garage later today. I am not even going to attempt to can or freeze or what ever else to preserve them. We are going to have sweet potatoes on the menu until the dang things are gone or spoiled.

Sis is coming home this weekend and bringing a couple of kids with her. We are spending the afternoon sorting out the house so that we won't embarass her too much. Since it is getting cooler, we decided that it would be more economical for us to just move Charlie back to the house instead of heating his drafty apartment at the barn. I could not bear to make Seth go back to sharing his room. Adam ( the ornery little devil) would not survive long if we tried to put Charlie in there with him. So...... other than the garage, the only option left was to put him in the office. I have spent a couple of days rearranging the house to move my office stuff out so that I can use it during the day when Charlie is sleeping.
I cannot believe what a Chinese firedrill that turned into..... I ended up moving the piano into the office, the china cabinette to that space. Then I decided that I didn't like the idea of the computer desk out in such a public place. I keep a terribly messy desk and cringed at the idea of having to hide it all when company showed up. The master bedroom had to be re-shuffled to make room for it so I could just shut the door on my unmade bed and paperwork mess. It is done and we can live with it until spring or Charlie leaves--- which ever comes first.

In doing all of that, I discover a gazillion things that I forgot we owned. How in the world did I get so much stuff pack ratted away in just a year and a half????? It has about killed my soul but I have just gritted my teeth and tossed a bunch of it. Paper...... how can I generate sooooooo much paper trash??? My mail lady must hate me..... Most of it came through her! LEGOS!!!! Why were there leggos in my china cabinet?? We found a new set of jigsaw blades that I searched high and low for earlier this year----- INSIDE the piano lid!

Need to get started on housework..... would rather go fishing..... sigh...

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