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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wonderful Water!!

It started raining yesterday and interupted the wheat planting. It hasn't stopped and as of this morning, we had 4 1/4 inches in the rain guage. Still coming down! The boys had to go out and pull the canoes up higher on the bank because the big pond is FULL!! The water is flowing out of the pond dam break and I was afraid that the new current would pull the canoes off into no man's land in the gorge south of us.
Looks like I should have gotten myself busy and fixed that dam while it was dry....... I am not the least bit upset that it rained before I could scrounge up the cash to do the job. This is Kansas---it will be dry again!

Meanwhile the rain barrels are overflowing, the ditches are running and there is mud and puddles everywhere. I wish that I had a few ducks and geese!!

I cannot wait to go over to the barn and see if there is water inthe horse pond.

We are heading over in just a few minutes toload up the steer for the sale barn. Wish us luck!! Salena needs a good payday!!

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