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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Canine Companions

Every where I go on this farm, I travel in a pack. At least 5 dogs go with me. Sometimes six depending on if the Corgi, Yolo, feels like leaving his spot in the garage by the dog feeder.....

This is the newset addition. Seth's German Shepherd--- beautiful Elsa. She is growing into a monster huge dog but she is so willing to please and such a sweet nature--- except to the cats. She likes to carry them around.....

Then there is the trio of Austrailian Shepherds:

Fast as lightening and silent as a shadow--- Tula

Big, beautiful and not-too-bright, Hugh

Old, fat, and wonderfully sweet, Lizzy.

They are all folowed by Prissy, the dainty dew drop house dog. They all race across the pond dam ahead of me to the barn, wait impatiently in a mass of wriggling dog flesh for me to open the gate, race to the barn and again wait for me to to open the doors. Then they race off in search of rabbits-- except for Elsa. She may dash out a little way but she always come right back to me. She feels her mission in life is to stay and protect me---while carrying a cat by the head......

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