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Monday, November 7, 2011

Settling in

Rain and lots of it has arrived for the next couple of days. Thank GOODNESS! It maybe grey and dreary but I am happy for it. Our farmer/neighbor did not get the wheat drilled in our farm ground but he was sure trying to get it ready for planting this morning. He spread lime and came back and tried to cultivate it a bit smoother for the grain drill. Just as he got finished with cultivating the last row, it began to seriously rain. Neil says that as long as he gets it in by Thanksgiving, we should be ok.

Seth got soaked setting up more of our portable corral panels to make a bigger hay feeding area for the cow and horses. We are getting the hang of this limit/timed feeding schedule and so are the critters. The cows are usually hanging out nearby when I go over in the morning. When one of us goes back in about 3 hours to put them out, most of them have eaten their fill and already wandered out to find a drink of water or lay down to chew their cud. Horses are standing right there waiting for the swap and their chance to eat for a few hours. I have started counting the weeks --- one down and 21 more to go. We have calculated that we can feed about 4 bales a week. We used 3 last week so we might be a bit ahead in case of very cold weather. I have decided to call my hay guy and see if I can buy another load or two just to give me some breathing room and piece of mind.
Tomorrow is sale day and Salena's big steer is heading to town. "Chunky" needs to bring quite a chunk of change to make a tuition payment. Prices have been extremely good so we are very hopeful. We have decided to hang on the heifers for just as long as we can. They will have had their shots and pre-conditioning time so if it becomes obvious that we really need to sell them (because of low hay, low water, or cash flow crisis), they will be ready to load up. If we can avoid those issues, they will go into the breeding herd next year. It is good to have a plan.  

Adam is in the kitchen whipping up a spice cake for us. I am calling that Home Ec for school purposes.....
We will probably spend the day tidying the kitchen so that we can mess it back up baking stuff. Thinking about putting a bunch of white beans on to soak for crockpot beans and ham for tomorrow.
Need some idea for supper tonight....... deer burger enchiladas????

Supposed to rain for the next couple of days....... This could be a time for cook ahead and freeze meals!

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