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Sunday, November 6, 2011


Something else to add to the adventure of living in Kansas! Yesterday morning, there was a 4.7 earthquake down around Oklahoma City. I didn't feel it and found out about it on facebook. Last night, there was another one that was around 5.6. I felt that one!!!

We had spent most of the day  helping our 4-H club to set up at the school for the annual awards banquet. By the time that was all over, it was after 9:00pm and I was tired. I did the bare minimum and went to bed to read for a bit. I was almost zonked out when I felt a distinct deep "shift". I thought that there had just been a sudden hard gust of wind that really shook the house but...... something just didn't feel "right" about that.

I promptly went to sleep. Got up early this morning and, of course, went to facebook and saw the news.
Someone had a link to all the known fault lines in Ks and Ok. Guess what??? We now live between TWO fault lines. They are not very far apart and I bet that I can tell you pretty close to where they actually are by looking at the landscape. Now I know why we have such interesting land formations around here.

I am waiting to hear from Salena to know how strongly she felt it down around Stillwater.

Update from Sis : She was at the footbal game in the stadium only about 35 miles from the epicenter. They were all so busy celebrating OSU's win over K-State that she didn't feel a thing........
The news reported that the players were below in the dressing rooms and felt it but thought it was the fans up in the stadium creating the uproar.

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