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Friday, September 2, 2011

Need to Vent and Grieve

Someday very soon, I am going to get back to posting on this blog in a timely fashion about farm life and various projects and dreams I have........... But in the meantime, you are going to just have to bear with me. I have my little computer back and physically there is no reason for me not to get back to business here. Unfortunately, I am working my way through a few things here.

It has been a time of change for our family. As close as we are, it is not easy. My babies are growing up. Our relationships are changing. For the most part, these are good changes but even so, they are hard. Like nearly everyone else in this time, we are struggling financially. I have been a bit incapacitated with painful foot injuries. We have been very busy with off farm activities---- important things that we wanted and needed to do. Pretty much we have been overwhelmed by life of late.

Today, I got word that an old friend has died. Over the last few years, we had lost touch with each other but it is still a shock to me.  She was 47. She was a tiny, fiesty little scrap of a woman who struggled to keep her weight up to 100lbs. She worked and lived in a man's world and if it hadn't been for her long braid hanging out of her Harley Davidson hat, you would have thought that she WAS a man. She was tough as nails but had lived a life that was so full of heartache, and pain. She was a wife and mother and the truest friend I have ever known. She never hesitated to encourage me in what ever I was doing but was just as quick to bust my chops if I needed it. Our lifestyles were very different...... we looked very different, and often did not see things eye-to-eye. We enjoyed each other's company and laughed alot. The emotional and physical scars and pain she endured would have broken me. Oh, how I hope that she found some peace in this life.  I don't know how she died. I just know that she is gone. I pray that I was as much of a blessing to her as she was to me....... 

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