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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tree planting

I ordered trees from the Kansas Forestry Dept. and they showed up last week.  We have managed to get over half of them but still have some persimmons and elderberries to plant. There is a really bald spot across the pnd that looks as if that is where they scraped the soil off to make the pond dam. Seth and I are very concerned abut the erosion there and we are working to slow down the water runoff. We planted a few trees there this morning and placed logs and rocks across that area to try to start some terracing. I have a lead on a tree service that is looking for somewhere to unload their chipped up waste. I am open to taking all he will bring me. We will just let it compost and build soil. There are several places onthis farm that could use the enrichment.

On top of that, I am a bit dubious as to the strength of the dam...... I don't think that it is wide enough to hold as much water as the pond could hold...... it looks as if some of the back of the dam has actually slid off and washed downstream. Seth and I planted elderberry bushed all along the "crack"  in hopes of slowing that down, too. The way this pond and dam are situated, there really isn't a good way to get to it with machinery to add to or repair the dam. It is beautiful to look at but I am worried that it will only be a temporary view.

We have been hustling this morning to get things done because we have a full afternoon scheduled. Our 4-H club is doing a lasagna supper tonight for a fund raiser. After lunch, Adma and I will head to High Prairie UMC to spend the afternoon cooking. Salena is baking a huge cake that she will bring up later. Seth is going to stay home and get a few small tings taken care of before he comes up to help with the dinner. After it is all wrapped up, we head home to start the bonfire. Salena has invited a mob out to burn one of the many piles in the pasture. Something about kids and a fire!

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