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Friday, April 1, 2011

Day Offf....

And PLENTY to do. It is also payday and past time for some grocery shopping. We have food but essential things like toilet paper are getting in short supply. Also need to download 2 photo card thingies onto discs at the Walmart photo booth. Using this lap top is different from my little worm infested computer and I am tired of having to sort through hundreds of pictures everytime I take a new one. I found an old one of me that I thought was pretty good---- considering what we are working with.....

I am happy to say that I am 20 lbs lighter now. That was taken last year sometime before we moved. Seth and I were re-stringing the barb wire on the south side of the horse pasture. There wasn't much fence left and just beyond that row of brush was a very lush, newly sprouted, corn field. It was only a matter of time before they were out...... Adam must have taken this picture I don't remember it at all. 

I did manage to get some pictures of the new milking set up for the cows. There really isn't a good place to stand or angle to get a good picture of the whole set up.

Obviously this is from the back. To the right is a garage door that we open up to let them in and out. The head stantions have a built in feeder and solid fronts. The vacuum pump sets in front of Holly and we just have a plastic tubing line run ning loose to the bucket milker.

That small concrete block is for Salena to perch on while she is getting down to milk Holly who is quite a bit shoter than Wilma. So far, it has worked out just beautifully. The goat set up is on the left side of the barn with a small catch pen for the milkers to hang out and eat in while waiting their turn onthe milking stand. We avea smaller vaccum pump set up over there.

We put an even smaller pump on a shelf over the wash sink to use to make clean up even faster. I can well remember the days of hand milking when I dreamed of having just one vacuum pump!!

We are weighing up the cows milk but since most does still have kids nursing them, I don't bother with weighing their milk yet. My Holly is giving about 30- 32 lbs of milk from two quarters....... imagine how much she would have given if I had found her before the other 2 were ruined!! 

Time to get busy! 

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