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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Yesterday was a pretty great day. As I was leaving for work, I saw our neighbor plowing our farm ground.
This was at 7:00 am. I was wondering if he would get the corn planted later........
I went to work with the intention of coming home at lunch.  Turns out, we got everything done by 12:30 so I didn't have to leave early while there was still work to be done. As I was leaving, the boss told me that he wouldn't need me until Friday........ That will give me time to get some things caught up on farm.

I had a whole list of things that needed to be done. The big item was keeping an eye on the guys coming to haul off junk. There were several farm implements sitting under the trees and the remains of an old bulldozer cluttering up the the barnyard. I sold them to a salvage yard and they came to pick them up yesterday.

This was what was sittig in the road at the barn driveway when I got home. This stuff loaded very easily.

This didn't load as easily...... Adam has pretended to drive this thing at least a million miles in the last year.  It also weighs a lot more than the junk man expected. Seth told me that whne they treid to pick it up, it mearly tipped the loader over.  After working all afternoon on trying to cut it up, at 5:00 pm . they gave up and told me they would be back this morning.

Meanwhile, I got busy and disbudded about 10 goat kids. While Seth had been keeping an eye on the jnk man that morning, he put together a creep feeding pen.  I need more goat milk to make cheese with so I am hoping to encourage the kids to eat more grain.

Then we zipped to the store to get a gallon of gas to use in the lawn mower. Salena mowed the orchard while I spread the tick killing granuals. Even though we had a bitter winter, the ticks are already out in force. After getting sick from a tick bite last summer, I have to be more vigilant to try keep it from happening again.

As we left the farm, I saw the neighbor planting corn! What a blessing!!! He is a good farmer and a great neighbor. Hopefully, with a good crop, we can both make some much needed income. Now, I will be watching to see the sprouts.....

Salena and I did the milking chores a little early because we both will be getting up a bit earlier next week. I caught milk for the milk customer who is coming today. Everything was done by 6:00pm.

Neil came home and took me out to dinner........
I stepped on the scales this morning and I am lighter than I have been in 10 years....... Oh Happy Day!!!

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