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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Farm Happenings

Even though I am off farm for most of the day, life still goes on with out me. I am working hard, paying some bills and looking forward to the job ending. I have enjoyed the work and I am grateful for it but I miss being home. Physically, I am still losing weight and the hard work is really shaping me up. I have always been a strong person and can walk for miles but the bending, lifting, and twisting to load up the plant trays are using muscles that I don't normally even know that I have!

This morning as I was leaving, I could see tiny corn plants just sprouting through the ground. Long green tinted lines convinced me that it actually WAS the corn coming up and not my imagination. We are farmers by proxy, again!

903 is a black heifer that we have raised. She was from one of the very old Angus cows that I bought as a Christmas present for Neil two years ago. Those three ancient girls all calved with heifers: 901, 902, and 903. We knew that 903 was getting close to calving and on Tuesday evening, she had a nice heifer. We are pretty pleased. This is the first of our home raised heifers to calve on the new farm and it is also the first calf from our new Red Poll bull, Noah. We expect to get calves from Bobby Sue, Notch, and Dumplin with in the next month.

In the goat lot, Dolce, our only Oberhasli doe, is just about to burst with kids. I have at least 3 more does to kid before we are finished for this year. I called the lamb guy and asked him to come and pickup the last 13 lambs. They were not quite up to weight but with our work schedule, we just had to lighten the chore load.

Still working on filling the raised beds, rotating compost bins, and landscaping the yards. Honestly, I can only get a few things done when I get home because I am just dragging with weariness. Women who go off to jobs every day have always amazed me. I am just hanging in there and could not bear the thought of doing this full time, year round!

The weekend is coming and we have several things planned. The younger boys will be competing in an air rifle tournament on Saturday. On Sunday, we will be making our first batches of soap for the year. Sometime in there I have to get the kitchen cleaned up and laundry washed..........

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