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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Visions of Spring

Adam and I went to Walmart a few days ago and totally lost our minds. We wandered through the garden section and found the new display of seeds. He immediately went for the pumpkins.
Two years ago he had a simply amazing pumpkin garden. He "worked" in it everyday rearranging the dirt between the rows. He built all kinds of elaborate farm equipment out of bicycle parts, scraps and miscellaneous junk around the farm. He invited his friends to come and help with harvest. We had to use all of my yard and garden carts and wagons. In all there were 65 pumpkins of various sizes.

When we moved, the kids and I sacked up all of the soil from my raised beds and hauled it with us. The boys could not believe that we moved DIRT.

We made the effort at putting in a few raised beds but it was late in the gardening season, we had plenty of other things to get done and I was getting sick. At the time, I didn't know that I had a case of tick fever.

Adam ended up dropping the box of seeds in a new raised bed and it grew and overflowed like a jungle. Gourds!! Cucumbers!! Even a cantelope....... The gourds tried to take over the yard and climbed the small chicken pens. It was a terrible eyesore and of course, it was right in the front yard.

He had a bumper crop of small round striped gourds and several bird house gourds to harvest. It was still a big day because our friends Tammy and her mother Dorothy were here and they graciously were part of the "harvest crew".

Gardeners are eternal optimists. I think Adam ended up with 3 different varieties of pumkins, sweet corn and he still has gourd seed left from last year.......
It is late January and we better get to work on those raised beds soon!

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