Shades of Ireland

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Road trip.... down memory lane!

Looks like we have made it through the single digit temps with only a few pipes in the barn broken. We'll get those fixed sometime this weekend.

In the morning, Neil, Salena and I will be loading up and heading down to Stillwater, Ok. Sis has an appointment to tour the Oklahoma State campus. I can remember making this same trip with my parents--- many years ago. I was  Jr. at UGA and thinking about coming to OSU to work on my Masters degree. I didn't make there as a student....... you see, I met this really cute guy...... I did, however, make it there as the wife of a student. Neil got his PhD there and I worked as a lab tech for the Animal Science Dept. Our oldest son, Charlie, was born there.  I have been back a couple of times for meetings and conferences. The last time that Neil saw Stillwater, it was about 22 years ago as he was leaving in a Ryder truck.  He is in for a big shock. It is not the small college town that we used to know.

The boys will stay home to handle chores and keep things to a dull roar -- I hope.

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