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Monday, January 10, 2011

First Snow at the Farm

 I love my job! Yesterday, we knew this was coming---- Heck we have been waiting several days for it to get here. So the boys and I spent our time getting ready. Wrapping water pipes, bringing hoses into the barns after filling up all the water tanks and putting out plenty of hay.

In the upper right corner of the first picture, you can see a black cow with a small calf. It was born about 5 days ago. Yesterday afternoon, I realized that I hadn't seen it in over 24 hours. That's a big deal for me so I took off looking for her. This cow is a first time mama and I haven't been very impressed with her parenting skills. She has no qualms about laying it down and then heading to the opposite side of the farm for most of the day. I searched the entire pasture-- twice in some places and felt like I had walked 10 miles. Never did find the calf and was begining to think the coyotes had got it. I was even making plans to haul this mama to the sale barn. What a pleasant surprise this morning!

 This is Charlotte. I have no idea why they all stood or laid out in the snow..... they have plenty of timber for cover. They seemed to be enjoying it as much as I did. No wind makes a big difference.

Buttermilk and friends at the cow buffet.... It is amazing how fast they will go thru these bales when it is cold.

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