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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I am dreading going out this morning. It is bitterly cold with the thermometer registering zero. The wind is slight but out of the NW and I just know it will slice right thru me. I can see the eastern sky just starting to get light out of the office window. I won't even think about going out until the sun is fully up--- hoping for a little more warmth.
My heart is just so heavy for my animals. I know that I have provided the best that I can for them but...... it just so cold....... all we can do is just endure until it warms up.
This morning, the boys and I will suit up and head out for chores.
Adam will  make sure the chickens have a drink of warm water and their feeder is full. He is also in charge of Ellie May, our goat who is in quaranteen here at the house. She is due to have kids in about 3 weeks and is bedded down in a hut at the edge of the woods.
Seth will give the weaned calves a little grain and a bale of alfalfa hay. Then he will do the same for the 6 horses and fill up the hay rack for the goats and the milk cow.
I will milk the cow and wash up the machine---- if we have running water in the barn. Then I'll walk out to check the beef cows. I am pretty darn sure that we will be breaking ice on the pond and creek for them to get water.

Since we will be bundled up with coveralls, gloves hats, wool socks and rubber boots, the chores will take a while because with all that gear, it is almost as if you move in slow motion.

Right now, farmers and ranchers are all filled with a sort of resigned dread because of this deep freeze. We are all just holding on until tomorrow when it is supposed to warm up in to the 30's. Friday will be a bit warmer.
Enduring, perservering, holding on until it gets better. Doing what needs to be done in the meantime. A timeless tradition in agriculture. That is just part of what I love about this life.

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