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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Lamb Relocation

Yesterday, Adam and I were on our own. Everybody else was off at work so we had to handle everything at home. That doesn't happen very often. Since Adam is so much younger than the other three, he has always behaved more maturely than other boys his age. He is a builder, fixer, and all round tinker.

The oldest lambs were old enough to be moved to an out side pen. I decided that Adam and I could handle the job. I got a really good lesson in just how "male" my baby boy is.
I wanted to weigh them before moving them out. I went over to get the bathroom scales. I planned on just letting him stand on the scales holding a lamb and then subtracting his weight. Good basic subtraction. By the time that I got back, Adam was cutting holes in one of my good towels and trying to run ropes through it so that he could make a sling. Then he planned to get my milk scales amd hang them from the rafters. After somehow restraining a half wild lamb in the sling, he was going to weigh them on the milk scale. He was sorely dissapointed when I insisted that we just use the bathroom scales because this was just for our records. We really didn't need certified scales......
After they were all weighed and recorded, we started carrying them out to their new pen. This just sorely upset the boy. He explained to me that he had a better way. He was so earnest that I just let him run with it.

His solution was to get my garden wagon and put the biggest pet carrier that we had on it.

It had to put on with the door to the back so that he could back the wagon up into position to load the lambs.

I was the catcher and he was the loader.

Turns out that we could easily fit three or four lambs in there comfortably. Since we had already carried 2 over there by hand, it only took two loads in the lamb relocator.

Ready for the road!

After we pulled them the 50 yards or so to their new pen, he carefully backed the wagon into the gate as iff it were a 26ft stock trailer. Then he decided that these lambs needed a ramp to come down.

The lambs were less than thrilled with the prospect of trotting down this ramp and were quite happy to stay right where they were.

After much coaxing and trying to get them to come out on their own, Adam decided to give them a little stronger persuasion......

The lambs settled right in and had a wonderful afternoon playing inthe sunshine.

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