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Friday, October 5, 2012

We Are Off---- Again!

Yesterday was a strange day. It started early for me because something roused me up at about 4:00am. I had my friend, Beverly, heavy on my mind. I just knew that her time was very short...... so I sat and prayed and thought about life in general. About daylight, I hit the chore list pretty hard and then began to make lots of phone calls. I wasn't exactly sure where Bev was. I spoke with her on Monday and we pretty much said our farewells then. I knew that she had been taken to Wichita but that covers alot of ground......
I never did get to speak with her and I knew in my heart that I never would again. I did get in touch with a relative and they had several errands that needed to taken care of on Bev's behalf. Charlie and I spend about half of the morning on the road handling things......I had to unlock her house and let the Hospice guys remove her bed and other equipment. The house was cold, empty and very quiet. We went into town and paid a bill for her..... Late yesterday afternoon, I got  the call that she had passed away. Grief and peace make for an odd emotional combination.......

Before I got the call, I had been over at the barn kitchen mixing up a batch of soap...... good therapy.

Salena came home late last night, too. So early this morning, we went over and unmolded and cut the soap. I had tweaked my recipe a bit and I am thrilled with how it turned out. I tried a new scent as well. My whole barn has the faint, haunting scent of Forget-Me-Nots......... It is a lovely scent and it makes me feel very sweet and feminine---- that is quite a stretch!!

Back into town to handle a banking matter for Bev...... her dog and cats are taken care of....... I don't think that there is much more that I can do for her.

Now we are getting ready for a little trip---again! The boys are competing at the state level in shooting sports. They all have to be on the archery line at 8:00am. We are going up tonight to spend the night with a friend and have a little fun. Tomorrow will be Seth's last 4-H competition. He will be an old man of 19 in just a few short days.......

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  1. Your work for Bev is a real blessing! It's so nice to know that there are kind, compassionate folk out there.

    Good luck to the boys at the competition this weekend. Thanks in large part to your blog, I really am going to encourage my daughter to become involved in 4-H when she's big enough.