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Monday, October 15, 2012

Frost On The...... Beans!

While we were gone to Topeka for the State Shooting Match, there came a frost. Maybe even a killing frost. Not just one frost but three mornings in a row. You may remember that we have a field of late planted soybeans that I was sure didn't make it through the drought.
Lo and behold--- they did make it with quite a few beans, too. As if that were not enough row crop drama, now we are waiting until harvest to determine if they had matured enough before the frosts got them. Farming is gambling--- no doubt about it! My nerves just can't take it so I ignore that 25 acres as much as possible. I have even quit shrieking at the deer that graze on those beans early in the mornings......

Next year, there will be alfalfa out there. Then I will watch and fret over the weather forecast even more! Nothing like having hay cut in the field to bring on a rain shower......

When I last posted, I was on my way to an auction. Actually, it was two auctions with just a couple of blocks between them. Took the entire day to get everything sold. A restaurant and a bar/grill were foreclosed. I had a great day and scored BIG! After all these years of longing for a 3 compartment, commercial stainless steel sink, I now have TWO of them.

While I was bargain shopping, I ended up with 5 small dining tables ($7each), 8 wooden chairs($2 each), a stainless steel prep table, a large wire shelf, a bread cart, and 41 small plastic beer pitchers...... The beer pitchers were a surprise purchase that I did not realize I was bidding on until too late. For two whole dollars, I figure that we can use them for feed scoops.

I have been cleaning on the sinks and wire shelf for the last two days. They were layered with grease and I cannot believe how nasty that restauraunt was. It was enough to make me reconsider eating out ever again.

Two walk in coolers were also auctioned off but I chickened out of buying one of them. All that I could think about was how much the power bill for the barn would be if I plugged one of those monsters in.....

While I have been letting the new items soak in degreaser, I cleaned out the two used refridgerators that I bought a month or so ago. I also managed to get a coulpe of batches of soap made, cut and stacked for curing. Slowly but surely I getting things cleaned up and reorganized. I am hoping to get the old "bachelor pad" fixed up as a soap shop and the barn kitchen set up for a processing room before the holiday stuff starts.

Meanwhile, the house is falling in around my ears. I have promised myself that I would do only the absolute necessities at the barn for the rest of the week and concentrate on house work....... Bummer!

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  1. Sounds like you hit the auction jackpot! Love the restaurant quality stuff. Our stainless steel containers were also layered with grease, and it was pretty disgusting. At least they were small enough to fit in the sink!
    Good luck with the house work. It's the pits. Barn work sounds loads more fun.