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Friday, June 8, 2012

Giving Me The Eye!

This crazy milk cow!

I took this picture of her this afternoon while she was standing in her stanchion eating during milking. Please notice the rather intent way that she is looking at me........

When I milk her, I not only leave her head gate open, but I also leave the large barn door wide open. It gives us light, air and an occasional breeze. This also means that the evening/afternoon sun is glaring right on us. It is so bright that I wear my sunglasses while I am sitting down there with the machine.

Queen Holly does not like my sunglasses!! She spends most of the time in the barn using her tail to try and knock them off of my face. If I push them up on top of my head, she likes it even less and very vigorously slaps at them! I can take them off and she settles right down. Goofy thing!!

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